Eliah Smith are Monika Klamburg (vocals) and Edu Hernández -ex Gallygows, Peanut Pie and Parkinson D.C. – (guitar). The band is completed with Maia Francisco (keyboard and samplers), Juanjo Onofre -ex San Leon, Parkinson D.C., Something- (bass) and Xavi Vila (drums).

The project came to seed after many years of encounters and reencounters, several musical projects and lots of persistence. Edu and Monica met on 1996, but it wasn’t until several years later, after bumping into one other at a concert that they started composing songs together. Those songs were included in Gallygows second LP, “Give it to her” (2000). That was when they started working together as a musical couple.

Between 2003 and 2006 both collaborated with another band, Moe, a prolific union that resulted in them producing all the bands material. Mucho of that material was not included in the bands repertoire but finally found a place with the creation of the acoustic folk-pop duo Eliah.

The project evolved over a 2 year period with concerts in several venues and bars in Barcelona and then the moment came to bring all of that work into the recording studio and complete the name: Eliah Smith.

Around mid 2010 Eliah Smith decided to record an album. They really wanted to move on from the acoustic format but were aware that to do that they would need a producer. A few months later they met Marc Barrachina “Facto”, at that time a ex-member of Facto Delafé y Las Flores Azules and who currently heads up his own band FAN (Facto y los Amigos del Norte). Marc listened to their music and was drawn to the great potential of their songs. He immediately offered to produce a couple of songs with no commitment. Edu and Monica accepted and a few days later received both songs remixed by Facto. They loved the result and in July 2011 they started recording the album at Medusa studios.

Present” is the result, the band’s first LP, an album that confirms their transformation from folk-pop to direct and stimulating pop that incorporates many influences from rock and electronic to funky, 60s/80s and country-pop.